Utility customers can now manage their use

April 19, 2021

Prosper residents are now able to easily keep track of their monthly water use, monitor how their water is being consumed, compare their use to their neighbors, and learn what they can do to better manage their water utilization.

Utility Billing has rolled out the Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE) portal that provides water customers the ability to set up an online dashboard, providing them with critical consumption information. The dashboard can be configured to send timely email or mobile alerts on a variety of water use matters to customers. Notably, the ACE portal can be accessed through the myProsper app, available at no charge through the Apple Store or Google Play.

The ACE portal, developed by Aclara, provides customers with an array of virtual tools that can help them understand what can be done to save money on their utility bills. Step by step instructions on setting up the personalized dashboard are available by visiting: https://www.prospertx.gov/government/departments/utility-billing/ace-portal-2/.

The portal’s dashboard is designed to customize the platform to each individual household. Customers enter information specific to their home, their appliances, the number of occupants, and other information that can have a significant impact on their water use.

Using data compiled over time, the portal can provide specific advice designed for each particular home that users can implement to conserve water, save money, and lessen the anxiety of unexpected high bills, especially during the summer watering season.

Customers can tailor the program to send them alerts based on preset thresholds of use, thereby allowing them the option of making changes to their monthly usage patterns and managing their monthly water costs.

To prepare for the implementation of the ACE portal, the Town has been making investments in upgrading water meters. This year, the final 3,300 of Prosper’s more than 12,000 customers will have their meters replaced with MTUs (meter transmission units) which can be read electronically. The MTUs can transmit water use information hourly, and the information can be analyzed and interpreted instantaneously to provide real-time information to customers.

“Water is a finite resource that we cannot waste,” says Betty Pamplin, Prosper Director of Finance, the department which supervises Utility Billing. “The ACE system puts control of water utilization in the hands of the customer, empowering them to make the appropriate decisions on their water use habits.”

Download the release here