Video cameras added to trash trucks

January 13, 2017

It’s often said that seeing is believing and with the proliferation of video cameras entering virtually every aspect of daily life, the instances of certainty almost always surpass those of doubt.

“We are entering an age where visual evidence is available for almost any situation,” says Kelly Neal, Prosper’s Finance Director.  “And, now, with the latest video advancements to their fleet vehicles, Waste Connections will be able to share details of their solid waste collection service.”

Formerly known as Progressive Waste Solutions, the Town’s trash and recycling collection contractor has implemented a program that adds up to eight video cameras to their collection trucks, recording the driver as well as the area immediately around the truck.

The new program is called the 3rd Eye Onboard Computer System, and Neal briefed the Town Council on the new system at this week’s Town Council meeting.

“We will have precise data on how their service is progressing, with the addition of the cameras and live GPS tracking,” she added.  “Not only will Waste Connections be able to record driver behavior for training purposes, as well as the exact locations of trucks and the speed with which service is provided, but we will also be able to see where we can improve service to our residents.”

The additional views can assist by increasing safety for other vehicles, pedestrians and property.  The cameras can also capture photos of service issues which can be shared with residential and commercial customers, thereby improving service delivery.

Photos of blocked or overloaded containers or late set-outs can be used to work with residents and businesses to avoid any issue that would lead to a missed collection. This can also help Waste Connections develop communication strategies with the Town to publicize any helpful education that will lead to more efficient collections.

“This technology can assist Town staff and Waste Connections in identifying informational and educational opportunities that can result in improved levels of service,” added Neal.  “It’s another way we can work with our contractor to partner together in ensuring resident satisfaction.”

The additional service is provided at no cost to the Town.

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