Year’s second Drug Take Back event set for Oct. 22

September 13, 2016

Hosting the second Drug Take Back event of the year, the Prosper Fire and Police Departments are asking residents to bring their medications, drugs or other prescriptions that have become outdated or are no longer wanted to the Central Fire Station on Oct. 22.

“This service has gained greater importance because of the dangers associated with prescription drug abuse,” says Firefighter/Paramedic Marty Nevil, the department’s public information officer.  “We’ve seen some high-profile people around the country dealing with this issue.  The drug abuse of today includes many substances that were, at one time, actually prescribed by a medical professional.”

The year’s second Drug Take Back Day is set for Saturday, Oct. 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The free drop-off service is designed to provide a place where unwanted or expired drugs can be safely taken and disposed. Collection boxes will be set up at the entry lobby of the fire station, 1500 East First St.

No drugs will be accepted either before or after the hours of the event, and the program is not designed to collect illicit or illegal drugs.  Needles and syringes used to administer medications will be accepted.

“Taking these drugs out of circulation is critical, of course, but keeping them out of our water system is also important,” said Nevil.  “Tragically, some people will flush prescription drugs down their toilets or pour them into sinks.  That places the entire community at risk.”

Drug Take Back Day is free, and no questions will be asked about the origin of the drugs or how the individual came into possession of them.  It’s co-sponsored by the Prosper Police and Fire Departments and is supported nationally by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

“Like the last several times we’ve held this event, we will set up several fully-attended collection boxes available to accept the drugs,” she said. “And, neither police nor fire officials will ask questions about the drugs.”

During previous Drug Take Back Day events, residents have turned in enough old and expired drugs to fill up to six large containers.

For more information on the program, residents may contact Nevil at (972) 347-2424 or send her an e-mail message at


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