Garage Sale Information

Before you clear out your closet, get your permit.

Garage Sale Permit Program

The Town of Prosper wants to help you with your garage sale. For only $10, the town will provide you with the following items to help make your garage sale a success:

  • 5 garage sale signs
  • 10 wooden stakes
  • 20 nails

In addition to the items listed above, you will have the option to advertise your garage sale on the Town’s website. To be eligible, you must submit your garage sale permit application to the Town’s Building Inspection Division of the Development Services Department by noon Thursday prior to the upcoming weekend of the garage sale.

When turning in your permit application, please inform our support staff that you wish to advertise on the website and provide date(s) and location of your garage sale.

Garage Sale Permit Application

Garage Sale Ordinance No. 07-93

View a list of current garage sales