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 One Piece is another incredibly popular shonen anime and manga.  It began weekly serialization in 1997 and it is still going!  In 2015 its creator Eiichiro Oda received a Guinness World Record for One Piece for “most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author.”  As of December 2014, One Piece had 320,866,000 copies printed worldwide.  Do you remember how many copies of Naruto have sold worldwide since May 2019? It was 250 million copies, so One Piece has even outsold Naruto!

Fans of One Piece call themselves Straw Hats, just like Monkey D. Luffy’s eponymous straw hat and his Straw Hat Crew of pirates.  There are so many Straw Hats in Japan that a special One Piece theme park opened inside Tokyo Tower in March 2015.  Tokyo Tower looks almost exactly like the Eiffel Tower in Paris… but it is painted bright orange!  It is the second tallest building in Japan and is used to broadcast television.

Unfortunately, the park closed in July 2020 due to a drop in attendance but here is a quick virtual tour.

Monkey D. Luffy’s quest to become King of the Pirates is heavily reliant on eating the Gum-Gum Fruit. I decided to make my own Gum-Gum Fruit prop, but first I took this quiz to find out my devil fruit power:

Take the quiz:

 Here is my finished Gum-Gum Fruit:









I was able to make it with items that I already had at home.


  • Small ball – I used a ping-pong ball because I already had one.
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • White school glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Green pipe cleaner or flexible straw
  • Paint brush
  • Mixing bowl or plate
  • Newspaper


This is how I made it: 

  1. Spread out your newspaper because this will get messy.
  2. Cut the yarn into 4-inch pieces.
  3. Dip a piece of yarn into the white glue. Really saturate it with the glue.
  4. Stick the piece of yarn to the ball. Form it into a curlicue pattern.
  5. Repeat until you have covered the ball completely in yarn curlicues.
  6. Let the glue completely dry.
  7. Time to paint. Really glop the paint onto the ball – the yarn will soak up a lot of paint. The extra paint will flow into the spaces around the yarn that you can’t reach with your brush.
  8. Save your leftover paint. Cover it with plastic wrap to keep it from drying out.  Let the fruit completely dry.
  9. Now you’ll add highlights to the yarn curlicues to make them POP. Mix some white into the leftover paint until you get a lighter shade of the original color. Lightly brush the paint over the curlicues. This step will help our finished prop look more realistic.
  10. While the highlights dry, shape your pipe cleaner or flexible straw into a stem. I experimented with both, but I decided to use the pipe cleaner because it would be easier to attach to my fruit.  Glue the stem to the fruit and let the glue dry.                                                             
  11. FINISHED! For my first attempt at making a cosplay prop, I am very happy with my finished Gum-Gum fruit.  Have you ever made a cosplay prop before?  What would you do differently if you made another Gum-Gum fruit?


Let’s Go to a Japanese pirate festival: Innoshima Suigun Matsuri!



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Careers in Anime: 

“How can I turn my love of anime, manga, Japanese culture into a job?”

If you enjoy making props like this Gum-Gum fruit, become a professional Cosplayer!

To learn more about cosplay, borrow these books from Prosper Community Library:

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  • The Hero’s Closet by Gillian Conahan – YA 646.4 CON

Thanks for joining Luffy’s Straw Hat Crew.  Next program we’ll watch an anime adaptation of a classic European fairy tale as reinterpreted by a master of Japanese cinema.


Katie Deeds
Youth Services Librarian – Prosper Community Library