BiblioBunny Tales

April 16, 2020

We are very sorry we have not kept up with our blog very well! We were super busy with the new year programs and events at the library and just lost track of time. Now the library is closed for a while and we don’t have much to do but eat and watch some of the library staff. We hope you have watched the fun videos the library staff are making! They are super fun to watch from our bunny house. Be sure to watch story time, crafts, and other offerings on the library’s Facebook and YouTube channel. We sure do miss our library families, but we know we will get to see you all sometime soon. Until then, stay safe and practice social distancing like we are 🙂
Love from Max and Ruby

January 2, 2020

Hoppy New Year!

We hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday break from school and that you’ve stopped by the library to see us. Maybe you saw those elves on our shelves during December. Those two were pretty fun and we were sorry to see them go. They read a story to us each night. We need to find some more friends to read to us. Take a look at the library’s program because there are dates to come read to us and we can’t wait to see you and hear your story!
We hope you have an awesome 2020!

Max & Ruby

October 8, 2019

Yep, even bunnies get their teeth fixed! Max had to go to the veterinarian because his teeth grow super fast and he doesn’t chew on the chewy toys like I do. Ms. Leslie said he was very brave when the vet just snipped them short. The veterinarian offered to show Ms. Leslie how to do it herself, but she said, “no thank you and we will see you in a couple of months for another trim.” Max said it didn’t hurt at all but I’m going to just keep chewing on our chewy toys and keep my teeth short! Be sure to stop by and say hi and tell Max about when you go to the vet to get your teeth shortened. Just kidding! haha
xoxo Ruby

August 24, 2019

Happy Back to school!
We had a fabulous summer and we hope you did too! We saw a lot of you over the summer – in fact, we saw over 800 summer readers. WOW! Ruby and I want to wish you a super 2019/2020 school year. Maybe you just moved here, maybe you are going to school for the first time, and maybe you are going to a new Prosper school this year. No matter what, we know you are going to do awesome!
Hop by and see us and tell us how your school year started!
x0x0 Max

July 25, 2019

We’ve had so many visitors and such a great time at the library this summer! We hope you’ve been keeping track of all of your reading and turning in your reading logs to register to win the summer reading prizes. We think all reading makes you a winner! School will begin soon and we hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

Max & Ruby

June 20, 2019

It’s Summer – Summer is finally here! We’ve seen thousands of children visit the library already this month. So far we have 625 children signed up for summer reading. WOW! We were the very first to sign up and put our name on a magnifying glass and get a sign for our house! This summer the theme is Mystery Solvers and so far we’ve solved Public Works mysteries, Mad Science mysteries, and today Critterwoman was here with new friends to solve mysteries too! Be sure you stop in to sign up for summer reading – the raffle prizes are way cool and reading during the summer is the best prize of all!

Max & Ruby

May 15, 2019

Today we had a picnic in Ms. Leslie’s office. We LOVE her office! There are book shelves, chairs, and tables to run around. We look at library visitors through the glass windows, we tip over recycle basket and get into it, and we try to squeeze under the file cabinet too. While we are playing upstairs today, the library staff is busy in the workroom planning awesome summer events and activities for readers of all ages. The summer program will be released May 20th and we know our library families are going to have fun here at the library! This summer’s theme is a huge mystery and we can’t wait to see everyone!
Max & Ruby

April 27, 2019

Hoppy Easter!
What do you think about our Easter photo? Ms. Leslie and Ms. Karolyn were certain we would not pose perfectly, but we sure did! They put us in the Easter basket and told us to stay, so we pretended we were frozen and didn’t move at all. It was cozy in the basket, and just when we started to wonder what it would taste like to eat it, Ms. Leslie said the photo shoot was over and scooped us out. We wonder if we will get a taste of that basket next year for Easter!
There are only a few more weeks left of the school year. Wow that year went by fast. The library staff is busy planning an awesome summer for library patrons of all ages. We are sworn to secrecy, but everyone will find out what the summer plans are May 20th! We can’t wait to see everyone this summer! Stay tuned to find out the mystery~
Max & Ruby

March 16, 2019


Happy Birthday to US!!!
We are one – a whole year old! The library staff threw a surprise birthday party for us and it was so much fun. We got to play in our playpen for a long time in the program room while families stopped in to wish us happy birthday. The children made headbands so they had ears like us, they colored pictures, and they played pin the tale on the bunny. Now that was super funny! Thank goodness our tails are where they are supposed to be and not where those children were putting them! It was super silly to see tails on ears, bellies, noses, and heads!
Being one is so awesome!
XOXO Max and Ruby

March 5, 2019

WOW WOW WOW – last week at the library was even more fun than normal! This super funny guy called “The Cat in the Hat” showed up for story times and boy is he mischievous! The Prosper police came to the library to make sure he behaved and then the Prosper fire department came too. The Cat snuck into Town Hall and met Mr. Jefferson, the Town Manager, and then he even popped into some meetings. We bunnies have never been to Town Hall, but we think we would like to see what happens over there now too. We saw a lot of children happy to see The Cat, but we were pretty confused because our cat friend Charlotte is very very small compared to The Cat in the Hat and she doesn’t wear a hat either!

There’s something special happening this month and we can’t wait to tell you about is soon!
Max & Ruby

February 14, 2019

Hoppy Valentine’s Day!
This is our first Valentine’s Day and we LOVE it! What do you think bunnies like for Valentine’s? If you guessed extra food, play time, and love then you guessed right! We got a little extra popcorn, parsley, and carrots for lunch. We also got a longer play time (that’s another great thing to get for Valentine’s Day) and we got extra hugs today too (and that was the best part of the day!)
Pears were our new fruit this past week. Have you ever eaten a pear? Well if not, you should definitely try it. They are yummmmmmy! We hope you have as great of a Valentine’s Day as we did!
Max & Ruby

January 18, 2019

January 18, 2018

HOPPY New Year! We hope everyone had a great holiday season. We sure did! Lots of children visited the library while they were off school. Now it’s really winter and it’s fun to see everyone come in the library with coats, and hats, and sometimes even gloves and boots. We are lucky because we are always ready for all types of weather because we wear our warm coat all the time.
With the new year it’s also a new program session in the library. Some programs remained the same and some changed. A new program we are especially interested in is Crochet and Coffee. We love Ms. Kat, but we sure hope everyone brings their own yarn to crochet and knit with. We don’t want to donate any of our fur to them! There are also five new Story Time on the Roads. We don’t get to go see those, but we hear all about how fun the are.
Stop in the library and pick up a new program brochure and see us soon!
Max & Ruby

December 11, 2018

Meet our friend Charlotte! Charlotte sometimes lives with Ms. Leslie and when we went to Ms. Leslie’s house for Thanksgiving break we got to play with Charlotte a lot. We first met Charlotte when we were baby bunnies and we love her. She’s super fluffy like we are, she likes to watch us play, and she even chases us around Ms. Leslie’s office. She’s always very gentle with us and she checks on us all the time. The funny thing about Charlotte is she doesn’t like any of the foods we do. We offer to share, but she turns her nose up and walks away. Her loss is our gain. We will happily eat it all! We sure hope we get to go home to Ms. Leslie’s for Christmas and Charlotte’s there again!

xoxo Max



November 11, 2018

Hippity Hoppity Fall is here! We had a lot of fun here at the library for Halloween! The library staff dressed up as characters from the Harry Potter books. We were hoping for rabbit themed costumes, but they were pretty awesome like they were. And now Thanksgiving is soon and it’s getting colder outside and we are nice and warm in our bunny house inside.
We are now 8 months old and our newest favorite treat is popcorn! Yes, that’s right popcorn. We like it popped and not popped! We think you only eat it popped, but we LOVE it both ways! We have super sharp teeth, so it’s not hard for us to eat it right on the corn cob. The next time you have popcorn, think of us!
Max & Ruby

October 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered what we do here in the library? Well it’s A LOT! We have pretty busy lives and sometimes we have to take a nap in the day just like you! A typical day for us starts in the morning when the library staff arrive. They let us out of our townhouse and then we get to run and play in a playpen. While we are doing that, the townhouse cleaner takes care of tidying up for us. She cleans up our messes from food, and playing, and hay we don’t eat. Sometimes she tells us we are the messiest bunnies ever. While we are in our playpen we get special treats. Sometimes it’s a strawberry, sometimes it’s snap peas, and sometimes it’s carrots. We love all the treats we get! Sometimes we get toys to play with too while we are in the playpen. We have a ball we especially like for about 5 minutes and then we get bored with it and just want more treats to eat. Sometimes we escape from the playpen too and that’s hilarious because the library staff chase and chase and chase us. We are fast AND we can crawl under all the bookshelves. It’s super funny because they call our names like we are going to stop and come to them like a dog. We’re bunnies and we just hip hop away and laugh at how silly they are. All day families come up to our townhouse and visit and talk to us and we LOVE that! We get to see and hear all sorts of fun stuff all day long. Some children have been talking about Halloween lately. We wonder what we’ll be. What will you be dressing up as? We think a great costume is a bunny of course!
Max & Ruby

September 25, 2018

Ruby is BACK! And I’m so happy to have her back here in the library. I sure missed her a lot. And I missed stealing her carrots a lot! And I missed stealing her green beans too. Even though I don’t really like green beans, it was fun to take them from her and make her try to get them back. The first thing I did when I saw Ruby was chase and chase her and then when she stopped hopping away from me, I didn’t know what to do except just look at her. Ruby is getting to stay in our new house until we get used to her being back and then I’ll move in too. It’s a pretty cool new house and you should come in and see it. ~Max
I’m BACK! And the first thing that happened was Max chased me all over the place he was so excited to see me! He likes to act all cool, but he was so excited I was back he forgot to be Mr. Cool. I finally just stopped running away from him because he was seriously out of breath. I think all he did was eat and sleep when I was gone. I’m so happy to be back at the library and they must have missed me a lot because they got me an amazing new house. It has TWO levels! So far I’ve only explored the lower level and Max isn’t living in it yet. He’s moving in next week and then he’ll be up to all sorts of pranks like taking my green beans even though I know he doesn’t like them. He’s so silly, but he’s the best brother! I am loving everything about being back in the library, but especially getting to see all the families is my favorite part. ~Ruby

September 4, 2018

It’s been a busy month for us here in the library! We are almost 6 months old! And that means we get to try new foods! Here is what we think about our new foods:
MAX: Ms. Leslie says it’s time to start eating “adult” food, whatever that means. Every time she feeds us, we get mostly our baby food and then a little adult food. She says each month we will get more and more adult food and less baby food. I don’t care what it’s called it’s all yummy to me. We also started eating more people food too and let me tell you, some people food is gross! Apricots are not yummy to me! I just let that thing sit there and I won’t eat it no matter what! Same with green beans! If that’s grown up food, then no thank you! But parsley and strawberries and carrots are so yummy I want those every day!
RUBY: Do not believe Max because apricots are delicious and I love love love them! I also like blueberries and Max won’t eat those either. And green beans are the best, but he just acts like Ms. Leslie didn’t put them in his food bowl. Talk about a picky eater! That’s okay because if he won’t eat them, I will! Soon we will be getting a new house that we will live in together. I wonder if we will get separate food bowls. I think when Max won’t eat his apricots and green beans, then I will get even more. I can’t wait to see what our new house is like!







August 8, 2018

We have names! And we love our new names! Lots of children keep coming in the library and saying, “Hi Max, Hi Ruby,” and it’s so fun to have them call us by our names now! It was a close race and we thought for sure our names would be Harry and Hermione, but a whole lot of reader read a whole lot of minutes while the library was closed to move. Over 530 votes were cast. That’s over 53,000 minutes of reading. We know that even though we have names now, you’ll all keep reading!
Max & Ruby (yippeeeee that was fun to write our names!)

July 31, 2018

We moved to the NEW library today and WOW WOW WOW is this place amazing! Today was Pirate and Princess day, so that made it even more amazing! Look at these princesses visiting us. They told us were are pretty, but we think they are beautiful. And to celebrate our moving in, Ms. Stephanie made a 3D print of a bunny. It took a long time and we were not sure at all what that machine was doing, but then we saw it start to look like a bunny and then poof, it was finished. It really did look like a bunny. (Not as fluffy as we are, but a bunny without a lot of hair!) We are seeing a lot of friends from our old library and we are making lots of new friends. Everyone says this is such a beautiful and fun library, boy are we lucky to get to live here!
One more week until we find out what are names will be, so keep reading and voting!
XOXO Bunnies that now live at 200 S. Main Street


July 21, 2018

We (and the library) have officially moved out of Reynolds Middle School. Yippee! That move was bananas! There were boxes everywhere, people coming and going, and no children to visit us because the library is closed. But the good news is we went home with Miss Leslie and she says it will just be one more week and we’ll get to move to the new library too!
Speaking of bananas – we love to eat bananas! We had cherries last week, and we like those, but not as much as we love bananas. We like staying at Miss Leslie’s house because she has a cat who checks on us all the time. We sometimes get to play with her too and that’s lots of fun because we chase her!
Remember to keep reading, because you get to turn in your reading minutes and vote until August 6th and we’ll find out our names August 7th at the name reveal.
The Buns


July 9, 2018

This happened last night! Can you believe it? Miss Leslie took us to her home, called us “dirty” and put us in a bathtub. She put a little bit of stuff in the water while it was running and called it a “Bunny Bubble Bath.” She kept smiling and saying how good it was going to feel to be clean and that we would like it. Well, we did not think it was funny or fun, so we just sat there in the water. So far we have liked everything about our library life, but this was not okay. Miss Leslie told us that we will get one of these baths every couple of weeks. We are looking for ideas of how to get out of this “bunny bubble bath” ever happening again! One of us even pooped in the tub in hopes she changes her mind.
The Buns who’ve had a bath

June 28, 2018

What are we? Lion Head Rabbits (also known as “foofs” because we are so fluffy).

When were we born?     March 16, 2018

Where were we born? Lewisville, TX

How big will we get? Twice this size!

Are you allergic to us? Doubtful! We don’t shed and we don’t have dander. We like to take sponge baths and be brushed. AND we can actually be allergic to cats too.

What do we like to eat? Timothy hay, baby rabbit food, parsley, arugula lettuce, raspberries, and lots more.

Do we bite? We haven’t yet, but please don’t poke us or scare us.

Do we love the library? OF COURSE! We are so happy surrounded by books, music, laughter, learning, and fun!

Keep reading to name us!

June 26, 2018

Hello! We just moved to Prosper and you won’t believe where we moved! We moved into the Prosper Community Library! We think we are the luckiest bunnies ever. We see a lot happen every day and we plan to tell you all about what happens in the library here on this blog.

The first thing we want you to know is we do not have names. Can you believe it? The reason why we don’t have names is because the summer reading program reward is naming us. We think this is pretty cool and makes us extra special because not just one person gets to pick our name, but a whole bunch of children are reading to name us. Every time someone reads 100 minutes they get to vote on our name. The choices are: Harry and Hermione, Max and Ruby, and Wilbur and Charlotte. We are excited to see which wins. It’s not too late to start summer reading and lots and lots of children come in every day and see us.

Stay tuned for more about us – we have a lot to tell YOU!

Hoppy Day~

The Bunnies