Library Card Membership Application

**This is for NEW memberships. Membership renewals do not require a new application.**

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a library card from the Prosper Community Library.

We offer two (2) categories of membership to obtain library cards; free and paid membership qualifications are solely based on the applicant’s assessment of the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax.

  • PAID memberships:
    • Not all Prosper mailing addresses qualify for a free membership. Applicants who do not pay the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax or Town of Prosper utility bill must pay $50 per library card holder annually
    • Applicants who reside in (but not limited to) these [Prosper Address] neighborhoods qualify for a paid membership*:
      • Artesia
      • Avilla DNT/Avilla Celina
      • Creeks of Legacy
      • Creeks of Legacy West
      • Light Farms
      • Lilyana
      • Maydelle at Light Farms
      • Meza Addition
      • Mustang Lakes
      • Oxford Farms
      • Preston Hills
      • Preston Meadow
      • Smiley Acres
      • Sutton Fields
      • The Sandlot
      • Twelve Oaks
      • Water Tower at Light Farms
      • Wilson Creek Estates
    • Prosper ISD zoning has no bearing on membership category.
    • Employment by Prosper ISD has no bearing on membership category.
    • In-person membership renewal and payment are required annually.
  • FREE:
    • Permanent as well as Limited Memberships are available to those who can document* that they live in a household that receives/pays a Town of Prosper utility bill and the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax.
    • In-person renewal is required bi-annually (every 2 years).

*You may click here to determine the membership category for which you qualify and the required documentation needed to verify residency.

With your library card, you can:

  • Check-out books, audiobooks, and movies
  • Download eBooks and eAudiobooks
  • Attend library programs
  • Utilize study and collaborations spaces
  • Access research databases and online learning resources
  • Use Interlibrary Loan services

Applying for and receiving a library card is a 2-part process:

  1. Online/Digital application submission (submitted remotely or at the library), and
  2. In-person registration completion at the library within 30 days of submitting the online application.

Online applications are for adult memberships only.  Juveniles/children may be added at the time of registration completion at the library.

If you have further questions, please contact the library:
(972) 569-1185

To begin the application, please read the following statement and agree to the terms. 

I have read the requirements, understand the category under which I am applying, and will be prepared with the appropriate documentation and payment (if applicable) to complete my registration in-person.