Library Membership FAQs

I am an adult who lives with family in the Town of Prosper, but my ID nor any legal documents show their address as my place of residence.  Can I get a free membership?

We offer a Limited Membership to those “gray area” residents who do not have legal ties to their place of residence but who live in a household in which CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) taxes are paid.  Please see a library staff member to determine if you qualify.

Why is there an annual membership fee for non-residents of the Town of Prosper?

The Prosper Community Library is funded through the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax at the direction of the Town Council.

Do I have to pay for membership?

If you do not pay a Town of Prosper utility bill and pay the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax, a $50 annual membership fee is assessed per library card.  Library cards will be valid for one year from the membership date and are non-refundable.

My address is a Prosper address. So, why do I not qualify for a free membership?

Prosper postal addresses go up to three miles beyond the border of the Town of Prosper, but this does not mean you pay the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax or are provided utility services (get a utility bill) by the Town of Prosper.

I pay Prosper ISD taxes.  Does this not count as Town of Prosper tax?

No, the taxes paid to PISD go only to the schools and not the Town.

I am a Prosper ISD employee.  What library membership category do we fit into?

As directed by Town Council, library membership is solely based your permanent place of residence.

Does having a paid membership limit the services or privileges I receive from the library?

Paid memberships entitle you to the same level of membership privileges as free/resident memberships including use of physical items from our collection, Overdrive/Libby digital checkouts, databases, and programs offered by the library.

I have moved away before my card expired. Can I have a pro-rated membership or refund?

Annual membership begins the day you complete the application and registration process and pay your membership fee.  Your membership will expire one year from that date. There will be no pro-rated refund of any annual fee upon moving and no longer being a Prosper CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) taxed resident.

If I choose not to pay for a membership, may I still use the library?

Yes, you are free to visit the library and use the library’s resources onsite.

Does the State of Texas not provide funding for libraries?

No. Additionally, neither do Collin or Denton counties.

I own property and/or a business in Prosper but reside elsewhere. Can I get a free membership?

As directed by Town Council, library membership is solely based your permanent place of residence.

May I use other neighboring libraries?

Membership to each of our neighboring towns and cities differs greatly and we encourage you to seek information about them. We do not keep information about membership or usage to other libraries.

How may I pay for my membership?

You may currently pay with check or credit card in person at the library at the time of membership application or renewal.