Lightning Detectors

The Town of Prosper Parks and Recreation Department has installed solar powered lightning strike detectors in three park fields: Frontier Park, Eagles Landing and Folsom Park. The units have battery backups that will still function even if the power is out. One of the Frontier Park detectors has its own weather station that is accurate to use for all parks in the Town of Prosper. All detectors have a public address system. A siren will sound if there is lightning in the area.

If the rectangle is green, the fields at the park are clear. If the rectangle is red, lighting is in the area. The message will  also be shown in words. The boxes update every 5 minutes.

How will the public address system indicate there is a lightning delay?

If there is lightning within 10 miles, people in the vicinity will hear a 15 second horn blast. The light on the system will flash for the whole lightning delay. Three 5 second blasts and the system light turning off indicate an “all-clear” for lightning.

Click here for the current weather conditions at Frontier Park.