Block Party Application

Prosper Police Department Block Party Application

  • Town of Prosper Police Department

    P.O. Box 307 101 S. Main Street Prosper, Texas 75078 Administration: 972-347-9002 Fax: 972-347-9003 Dispatch: 972-347-2226

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  • Block Party Checklist

    The Town of Prosper Police Department has provisions for closing off certain streets for neighborhood block parties. The Prosper Police will temporarily block the street and designate it as a “play street” for the purpose of a block party. However, when the streets are closed for a block party and designated as a “play street”, ALL LAWS AND TOWN ORDINANCES ARE STILL IN EFFECT; these include, but are not limited to noise, litter and conduct regulations. Read the following guidelines and initial each one acknowledging acceptance: