Schools & Colleges

A great education, a great opportunity

Prosper ISD has over 12,000 students enrolled. Administrators, teachers, and parents all work hard to give students the best educational opportunities possible. With several top tier colleges in the north Texas area, there is no shortage of opportunities for the youth of Prosper.

Prosper Independent School District

Prosper Independent School District is an Accredited District that develops and graduates motivated, academically prepared individuals with the strength of character to make contributions to a rapidly-changing society through an educational system that maintains high expectations, provides quality instruction, and establishes a safe, orderly learning environment.

Prosper Independent School District currently has 7 elementary campuses, 2 middle school campuses and 1 high school campus. In 2018, an additional 2 elementary campuses will be added. A 3rd middle school will open in 2019 and a 2nd high school in 2020.

Collin College

Collin College serves an annual enrollment of about 53,000 credit and continuing education students annually and offers more than 100 degrees and certification programs. The only public college in the county, Collin College is a partner to business, government and industry, providing customized training and work force development to area businesses both onsite and over the Internet.

University of Texas at Dallas

Located 17 miles south of Prosper is the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). UTD offers top-ranked science, engineering and business programs and has gained prominence for educational paths from audiology to arts and technology. The school emerged in the late 1960’s as Texas Instrument founders foresaw a need for scientific and engineering talent. Today, UTD has more than 27,600 students and offers a broad array of bachelor’s master’s and doctoral degree programs.