The Town of Prosper has adopted a set of core values to better define the Town's organizational culture.  Prosper THRIVES stands for Teamwork, Heart, Respect, Integrity, Vision Excellence and Service, which represent the values and mindset of our employees and our organization.  The THRIVES values are incorporated in all levels of the organization, through the hiring and onboarding process, employee recognition programs, and integrating the THRIVES values into annual performance evaluations.  The goal of the THRIVES program is to capture and retain the culture and values of the organization and our commitment to municipal excellence.

  • Teamwork: We work together to achieve common goals.  We believe in a team approach to delivering a quality outcome.
  • Heart: We are committed to caring about everyone.
  • Respect: We provide compassion and empathy to those we serve.  We treat everyone with dignity, kindness, and courtesy.
  • Integrity: We are honest, transparent, and fair.  We do what we say we will do.
  • Vision: We strive to be proactive and forward-thinking in support of the needs of our community and goals of Council.
  • Excellence: We seek excellence through continuous improvement of processes and personal professionalism.
  • Service: We strive to meet and exceed the needs of the community and our team.  We respond to issues in a timely, competent, and positive manner.