Land Disturbance

 A Land Disturbance/Grading permit shall be required for all earth disturbing activities including but not limited to clearing, grubbing, grading, tree removal, excavation, embankments, land developments and the moving, depositing, stockpiling or storing of soil, rock or earth materials. 

 Grading Plans for Development or Floodplain Reclamation shall include:

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Copy of Plat or Survey
  3. Town General Notes
  4. Grading Plan
  5. Erosion Control Plan
  6. EC Details
  7. Tree Mitigation Plan (as applicable)
  8. Flood Study (as applicable)

Grading Plans for Minor Grading shall include:

  1. Engineered Grading Plan if deemed necessary, otherwise a hand sketch shall suffice 
  2. Erosion Control Plan (hand sketch shall suffice if deemed acceptable).
    • Depending on extent of minor grading, an “Understanding” between Stormwater and applicant would suffice
  3. Tree Mitigation (only as applicable)

 Fees for Land Disturbance permits. See Engineering Related Fees. 

  1. Mirsa Boulos

    Engineering Technician

  2. Evelyn Mendez

    Engineering Technician

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