Traffic Engineering

The Engineering Department provides for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, vehicles, and other road users through the implementation of traffic control devices such as signs, pavement markings, and other traffic control devices. This includes efforts specific to school zones, speed limits, traffic calming, and traffic signals. To inquire about traffic engineering concerns, please email Engineering or phone 972-346-3502.

School Zones

Our staff implements school zones around all Prosper Independent School District (PISD) and Denton Independent School District (DISD) campuses within the Town's jurisdiction, including flashing beacons on major roadways. We coordinate with PISD personnel regarding pedestrian and vehicular circulation around school campuses.

Signs & Markings

Our staff may assist you by reviewing requests for new traffic signs or pavement markings. Maintenance of existing traffic signs and markings is the responsibility of the Public Works Department.

Traffic Calming

Our staff reviews concerns submitted by residents regarding traffic calming in neighborhoods. After an initial review by our staff, residents in the area of concern may be responsible for costs associated with studying and implementing a traffic calming project.

Traffic Signals

The following Traffic Signals are operated by the Town of Prosper:

  • First Street at Teel Parkway
  • Dallas North Tollway at First Street
  • Dallas North Tollway at Prosper Trail
  • Dallas North Tollway at Frontier Parkway
  • Prosper Trail at Coit Road
  • First Street at Coit Road
  • Richland Boulevard at Coit Road
  • Gee Road at First Street 
  • Prosper Trail at Coleman Road
  • Frontier Parkway at Victory Way
  • First Street at Windsong Parkway (opening soon) 

Currently, all other traffic signals within the Town are operated by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) or the Cities of Frisco and McKinney. Our staff regularly observes operation of traffic signals and can assist you with traffic signal concerns. We encourage our residents to report issues to us in order for us to facilitate a response from the different agencies by emailing Engineering.

Street Lights

Street lights on Preston Road are maintained by the Town of Prosper. To inquire about a street lighting concern on this roadway, please email Engineering or phone 972-346-3502.

Street lights in residential neighborhoods and cobra-head street lights attached to electric poles are maintained by CoServ, Grayson Collin Electric Cooperative (GCEC), and Oncor based on location. If your neighborhood is served exclusively by CoServ, GCEC, or Oncor, they will also maintain your street lights. Please call your electric provider directly to report a street light outage:

  • CoServ: 800-274-4014
  • GCEC: 800-967-5235
  • Oncor: 800-242-9113

If you are not sure who your electric service provider is, do not live in an exclusive service area, or would like to report street light outages, please contact the Public Works Department.

Residential Street Lighting

Residential streets are required to have street lights installed during the construction process at all intersections with a maximum spacing of 600 feet and a minimum spacing of 150 feet. Lights are required on cul-de-sacs that are longer than 300 feet. The Engineering Department, in cooperation with the Public Works Department, reviews all utility construction permits for residential developments to assure these standards are met.

Residential Requests

Occasionally, physical conditions in the development after construction may require the addition or removal of street lights. If you feel your street is either too dark or too bright, please email Engineering or phone 972-346-3502. If a request for an additional street lights is wanted closer than the Town of Prosper standards listed above, the requestor has the responsibility of paying for the cost of having the street light(s) installed. This would require the following:

  • The requestor must submit a petition from at least 80% of the homeowners living within 300 feet of the proposed street light to the Engineering Department, including the homeowner(s) who will be located immediately adjacent to the light.
  • With the approval from the Town of Prosper and receipt of cost of installation payment from the homeowners, the Engineering Department will request the appropriate electric company gain any necessary easements and install the street light. In some instances, the homeowners adjacent to the proposed street light may be required to provide an easement for electrical service to the light.
  • The Town will pay the perpetual maintenance and operation costs associated with the new street light(s).