Winter Averaging

Because there’s no way to measure how much water flows through residential drains, calculating the charges for sewer service must rely on the flow of water that can be measured. That’s what happens between Nov. 15 and Feb. 15. Every year, the sewer or wastewater charges assigned to each residential utility account are calculated using the average amount of water used during these three months. That’s because the vast majority of water used in homes during this period is used indoors. Water used indoors, of course, flows through the sewer system. Fixing leaks, avoiding waste, washing only full loads of clothing or dishes, and limiting car washes at home also help keep consumption down, allowing for an accurate sewer charge. Residents with swimming pools, large decorative fountains, or other high water-use items should refrain from filling them during the winter averaging period. However, if a pool is constructed during the winter months, which is common, the Town will take into consideration the winter average for a first-time pool fill. Residents who have a new pool or other circumstances can fill out a Winter Averaging Adjustment Application form online to be considered for an adjustment. To learn more visit