Communications & Community Engagement

The Town of Prosper recognizes that good communication is a fundamental obligation of a responsive and transparent government, and an essential component of an engaged and informed community. Through consistent, accurate, and timely communication, the Town of Prosper can increase resident participation in government, enhance community pride, and instill a high level of public confidence. 

The Town of Prosper Communications and Community Engagement Department is guided by the following principles that support effective municipal communication:

  • Tell Our Own Story
  • Be Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Use a Centralized Approach
  • Promote Open, Two-Way Communication
  • Maintain Consistent Messaging
  • Build Relationships
  • Never Stop Learning

These principles will help coordinate and manage the communication activities of Town employees related to official Town business in order to ensure accuracy, consistency and timeliness in relaying information to employees, departments, members of the media, Prosper residents and the diverse information needs of the general public. 

We invite you to stay informed about town meetings, programs, services, and events through our various communication channels: